Bats fill the air and swoop in to drink

My apologies for this post but apparently the video isn’t working for any one but me!  Not sure what is up with WordPress – or me? This is attempt 2, if it still doesn’t work, please leave a comment so I can try again.

I put together thermal video of bats first flying over Mill’s Canyon in New Mexico.  The sky was full of bats and in the thermal camera it looked almost like a meteor shower.  The second part of the video was shot over a still pool in the Canadian River where bats were skimming in to drink.  If you look closely, you can see the ripples in the water made by their mouths slicing through the water.  You have to look close, the resolution of the thermal camera and frame rate leaves a bit to be desired from an esthetics point of view but it is great at uncovering activities at night.

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2 thoughts on “Bats fill the air and swoop in to drink

  1. Ben Orr

    FLIR activated, over. I’m dying to see some more small mammal heat signatures.

    • I filmed a number of rodents on the far bank of the Canadian but couldn’t get close. They were even chasing eachother. Fun to watch but the bats won the night.

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